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About Loving Nature

Image of an artisan in the background of paper sticks

Harmonize with nature, sustain earth!


Our vision is a sustainable future where humans no longer exploit nature but spread love in the world. We promote awareness and practices of living in harmony with nature. One action, one word, one thought can spread love and sustain the earth.

To tackle the problem of wastes, we invest on upcycling arts and crafts. We use materials from our immediate surrounding. Magazines are used to make recycled paper ornaments, greeting cards, and DIY craft kits. Our craft workshops improve lives for youth with disabilities, and women with disadvantages in Vietnam. We further spread our love to community through a combination of monetary, in-kind and approved promotional support directly to impactful art programs at elementary schools in the United States, art programs for children with disadvantages in Vietnam and reforestation efforts in Vietnam.

Loving Nature sets out to be a different kind of company. We organize our work around love for human and love for nature. The two are not separate entities. Our crafts are designed with care for the earth and made by happy people. At Loving Nature we believe in whole systems thinking. We approach problems with wholistic perspective. We promise unique experience for our customers, our partners, and our communities.

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