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Our exquisite Handmade Dragon Paper Ornament, a captivating fusion of creativity and sustainability. Crafted with meticulous care from recycled magazines, each ornament is a unique piece of art that not only adds a touch of enchantment to your space but also contributes to our commitment to eco-conscious living.

The dragon, a symbol deeply rooted in various cultures, brings a profound meaning to this ornament. Revered for its mythical qualities, the dragon represents strength, courage, and good fortune. In Eastern cultures, it is a powerful emblem of protection and prosperity. Displaying our Handmade Dragon Paper Ornament not only showcases your appreciation for handmade craftsmanship but also invites the positive energies associated with this legendary creature into your home.

Size: 4" x 3.25" x 0.25"

Dragon Paper Ornament: Handmade Upcycled Magazine Paper Decor

SKU: OA-DRA-3-11
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